We received applications from many candidates for board positions and we have collated their list below for your reference.

1.President– Ro Patel
– Geoffrey Raclin
– Grace Judah
2.Secretary– Katrina Bianca Siy
– Geoffrey Raclin
– Grace Judah
3.Treasurer– Rebecca Dolan
– Chairunnisa Adelia Meisie
Director – Engagement 
– Bryce Lee
– Yi (Ethan) Li
Director – Communications
– Isabella Alvarez
– Yi (Ethan) Li
Director – Events
– Aftab Raja
– Yi (Ethan) Li
Director – Partnerships
– Elizabeth Thinwa (Liz)
– Zachariah Williams
– Han Yuan
8.Associate Treasurer– Nishit Vyas
– Rebecca Dolan
9.Associate Director –
– Yuxiang (Jerry) Zeng
10.Associate Director – Alumni– Nicole Graham
11Associate Director – Communications– Aarushi Aneja
– Bettina Greminger
12.Associate Director – IT/Digital– Anmol Sharma
13.Associate Director – Events– Pablo Jose Vergara Contreras
– Katrina Bianca Siy
14.Associate Director – Partnerships– Bettina Greminger
– Han Yuan
15.Associate Director –
16.Associate Secretary

Why candidates want to join the Sydney MBA Network Board of Directors

Ro Patel

I see the MBA network as an organization in its infancy with tons of untapped potential waiting to be taken to the next level. My objectives as President:

1. Solidifying and establishing a strong in-person and digital foundation of active alumni and alumni contacts, both domestic and globally.

Identify geographical clusters of alumni to create local engagement and participation. Create a welcoming environment for mobile alumni in new areas to lean on. Re-engage inactive alumni through a newsletter detailing recent achievements and upcoming events.

2. Unify cohorts to encourage collaboration and the creation of life long friends through shared memories/events/ventures. 

Determine what cohorts desire most for their professional/personal interests. Host a greater variety of social activities and events that allow families to participate and to foster a balance between the professional networking events and fun, memory making activities.

3. Create 3 distinct career avenues through new corporate partnerships and recruitment events. Foster an environment where the network’s talent pool is showcased to strong industry connections to enhance opportunities for:

1.Startup Exposure
2.Corporate Recruitment
3.Member Networking

For the network I want to bring a new level of prestige, interest, and participation. I bring 3 years of experience starting and operating 2 self-sustaining organizations from no membership; I held an Executive board position, recruited 65+ active members, and as alumni chair established the network for 1100+ members in my region for events and a common communications channel. Ready to dedicate fresh energy and my time to this program.


Geoffrey Raclin

I want to join the Sydney MBA Network Board for one simple reason: to create the best experience possible for all U Syd MBA students past, present, and future. When I say ‘best,’ I do not just mean that every student will get the most out of our classes, but that we will have the tools, connections, and confidence we need to take the next step in our careers. I believe the MBA Network is capable and responsible for creating this environment for the students, and as President I will work tirelessly to ensure that we have every opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. 
I believe I have developed the skills to do this through my background as a project manager, where I was responsible for several projects at a time – all with many moving parts and timelines/resources needing constant oversight. This experience gives me a great foundation for the Presidency as I will undoubtedly need to keep the team organized/on-task while still driving the MBA Network forward. In my previous work I have also served on committees focused on improving employee welfare and morale, which will translate very well as I work hard to create a great environment for all students.


Grace Judah

Commencing my MBA program at the University of Sydney in the last six weeks has indeed proven to enhance my ability to grow in my personal development as an individual and also as a future leader.
I have been stretched, challenged and driven to becoming a highly motivated, intentional, flexible and innovative individual.
At this juncture, I will like to join the Sydney MBA Network board because I believe that it is an accurate opportunity to leverage upon my time and learning at the university; it will also enable me to participate and contribute to what I hope will become a combination of service to other students like myself and stakeholders that will influence and shape the future and management of our rapidly changing business world.


Katrina Bianca Siy

One of the greatest assets we gain from our MBA is the connections we’re able to build through it. Building a network within the program, as well as with partners and organizations outside, is a critical factor to our future growth and success. Therefore, I believe in the value that the Sydney MBA network brings and would like to do my part in helping strengthen our community.

As the organization is still in its early years my experience from the startup sector, helping to build and manage companies from the ground up, would be an asset for the board. I am an effective leader due to my ability to be flexible in various situations, excellent people skills, and strategic thinking. My key strengths lie in understanding and evaluating the organization’s current needs and implementing solutions to help them succeed. I enjoy strategizing and bringing teams together to use their diverse perspectives to achieve bigger goals for the organization.

As a member of the board, I will work together with the other officers to build an organization that will better suit our purpose. My goal is to help strengthen our connections within the current cohorts, our alumni, and partner organizations through different means. To stimulate a more supportive community, we need to come together and help ensure each other’s future success.


Rebecca Dolan

I decided to study the MBA at Sydney Uni to broaden my networks and skill set and because I believe the program is one of the best in Australia. I would therefore love the opportunity to serve on the MBA Board as Treasurer as a way to give back to the MBA community by helping to build and sustain the valuable network of global current and future leaders, while also further developing my leadership skills for the future.

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 7 years’ experience advising large and medium enterprises on international transactions. I believe the strong financial management skills and attention to detail I utilise in my day-to-day job will serve me well in the role of Treasurer and allow me to confidently keep the Board informed of the organisation’s financial position while managing the necessary financial transactions in a timely manner and ensuring all relevant funding registrations are in place.

Lastly, I am passionate about building networks of people who support and encourage each other to be their best and would be grateful for the opportunity to be contribute to an organisation like the Sydney MBA Network which does just that, while supporting an MBA program I believe in wholeheartedly.


Chairunnisa Adelia Meisie

I have always been interested in joining MBA Network because when I signed up for the MBA program, I was aiming for a network I could build during the program. As someone who actively participates in the functioning of any organization, I am really excited to be a part of this prestigious network and contribute to the best of my abilities. As the treasurer, there will be more privilege to connect with people outside of my cohort and actually expand my network.

Having a four-year of experience in Corporate Strategy, I was in charge of financial planning and budgeting. I was in charge of the company’s budget and specific operational area spending. In this position, I believe I have the soft skill qualification to be strict with what we have planned. Furthermore, I had to manage the cost spending of the company so that the company projection could be aligned with the strategy we formulated at the beginning of the fiscal year.

It is crucial to be strict with the plan you had set initially. Still, you also have to be able to explain why you reject/approve the spending to the related person. Thus, I can assure you that I qualify for this position. I am confident with communication skills, and I can communicate well with the members of my organization, which is crucial as treasurer.


Bryce Lee

Hello! I’m Bryce, and I’d like to join the Sydney MBA Network Board as your Director of Engagement to enhance what I see as the greatest asset of the (E)MBA Programs: community. My MBA journey thus far has been defined by the people I’ve met here at USYD – they’ve challenged, motivated, and even inspired me more than I could’ve expected. And I know that this is just scratching the surface.

The Sydney MBA Network has incredible potential to strengthen and expand our (E)MBA community through events and partnerships that: 1) facilitate the development of both interpersonal and professional connections, 2) leverage the cultural and professional diversity we collectively possess, and 3) lean into philanthropic endeavors. In short, achieving this vision is all about engagement – engagement of students, alumni, faculty, and our affiliates. In the Director of Engagement role, I’ll work closely with the Communications, Events, and Partnerships Teams to make this happen.

I believe that I’m well prepared for this position. During my undergraduate education at UCLA, I drove organizational engagement and growth of the honors fraternity for which I served as social chair, initiate advisor, and president during different terms. And, through my pre-MBA career in the highly interdisciplinary field of environmental consulting/engineering, I have extensive experience collaborating with diverse teams, garnering stakeholder buy-in for projects and initiatives, and producing deliverables with community-oriented (and data-driven) outcomes.

I appreciate this opportunity and hope to work with you all to engage and build this (E)MBA community as best I can!


Yi (Ethan) Li

Long-term experience in leading an international team within an ICT-based company. And the experience of participating in and preparing for the annual ceremony in the China-Australia Chamber.

As a cohort 4 student, I will also be participating in some of the 2023 Program. Considering the current workload, I have enough time to follow and deal with the work of the Sydney MBA Network. At the same time, the experience from communicating with the current board can help me quickly become competent to the new role.

I am highly enthusiastic and interested in connecting with MBA alumni, including but not limited to FTMBA, PTMBA, EMBA and other international programs. I have volunteered to organize and participate in the welcome activities for new students. During communication with FT/PT students, I listen to their needs, and encourage them to participate in networking activities. In addition, I am looking forward to participating in more external contact activities, including but not limited to cooperation cases with MGSM, AGSM, UTS Business School and other external organizations. Promote the Sydney MBA Network brand through various channels including social media/social events and prove its value to organisations who have requirement and provide potential opportunities. Bring external resources to the network once eligible.

I believe all the above can not only contribute to MBA alumni benefits from the Network, but also the learning experience of future student, to achieve a sustainable Network ecology.


Isabella Alvarez

I am Isabella Alvarez from the USyd’s Full-time MBA Cohort 5 and with what I believe are the right skills set and motivation to make a positive contribution to the organization, I am keen on joining the MBA Network Board as the Director of Communications.

As a leader with strong interpersonal skills, I am also excellent in written and verbal communication, having had professional experience as a policy researcher. My work as head for publications and branding for not-for-profit organizations during my undergrad has also allowed for me to develop substantial skills in digital marketing, event marketing, and community engagement.

With such capabilities and an eagerness for organizational growth, I am confident that I can drive the Network’s Communications team to achieve sustained engagement, extensive reach, and impactful branding to support the organization’s goals of strengthening a community of USyd MBA leaders with the mission of forming meaningful connections with other companies and organizations. Keeping engagement within the Network as a primary focus, my goal for the Communications team is to increase members’ awareness of the organization’s identity and mission, establish solid engagement with USyd MBA students and alumni, and tap into the Network’s outstanding pool of talent in communications and media. I also plan to strengthen and expand the organization’s reach via regular engagement with external partners, strategic communication, and creative events marketing. Lastly, I am keen on raising the MBA Network’s profile through innovative and high-impact branding in order to showcase the organization and its members’ talent and potential.


Aftab Raja

I have pursued my undergraduate degree in Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management – Aurangabad, India. I initially worked in the Revenue Management Department of a hotel in Hyderabad; following which I transitioned into Retail/Sales for Food & Beverage Products (F&B) and got an opportunity to work with world-renowned brands such as Lindt, illy, Twinings & Fever Tree. We launched a range of in-house beverages and successfully managed to establish the range – resultantly, we were able to gain a sizable market share through the various activities we undertook. In my position as the Business Development Manager (for western India), I was deeply involved in the process of strategizing and execution which ensured that I personally oversaw the processes through to the end. During this time, I got a chance to, on several occasions, demonstrate and leverage my negotiation skills with hotels, restaurants, and bars all over India, to help ensure the best outcomes.

I believe I can contribute to the Sydney MBA Network in my capacity as the Director (Events) by leveraging my experience in the areas of business development and F&B. My focus area is organizing events regularly, with a strong emphasis on ensuring that the events are not only inclusive but also collaborative in nature. I believe this can help draw maximum attendance from the MBA cohort, in both, the full-time and part-time programs. I believe that this will ensure the network’s success in making its events informal, yet, at the same time effective.


Elizabeth Thinwa (Liz)

MBA is about building relationships. However, there is currently a gap in the external relationships built. As “Director of Partnerships”, I want to bridge this gap. I have extensive experience in strategy, management consulting, business development and stakeholder management. I believe this, and my broad range of skills, make me the ideal candidate for this position.

I will be of value to the MBA Network Board in various ways, including:
1) Developing an actionable Partnerships strategy: I will make it ‘MBA student-centric’, thus mainly targeting industries of key interest to MBA students. I will leverage my experience to succeed. In the past, I have developed commercial strategies that prioritize commercial opportunities based on the company’s needs.

2) Building relationships beneficial to MBA students: I will target companies using tailored pitches showing our value proposition and collaboration ideas, e.g. providing them with talent, collaborating on projects, sponsoring MBA activities, etc. I will leverage my experience to succeed. In the past, I have developed client-tailored pitches, built client relationships, and managed donor projects.

3) Developing innovative approaches to conduct company outreach: I will use this to increase the outreach response rate, e.g. by collaborating on community work, inviting them for activities, sharing USYD MBA articles, etc. I will leverage my management consulting experience in developing innovative solutions to succeed.

These are only a few, among many, ways I will be of value to the Board. With my experience and skills, I am confident I am the perfect candidate for this position.


Zachariah Williams

I believe the opportunity to join the MBA Network Board and apply my breadth of partnerships capabilities and expertise would allow the MBA Network to make a greater difference for students and the organisation. My passion for bringing people and businesses together would enable me to bring a fresh approach to how the MBA Network operate today whilst giving back to the students that rely on the services the MBA Network provide.

Outside of applying my skillset, I believe this opportunity would foster my continued learning and apply the knowledge I am gathering from my part-time MBA.


Han Yuan

I appreciate the wonderful opportunity. Having just finished Prof. Kevin’s course, I am acutely aware that the MBA learning journey is about constantly challenging myself and enriching my experience. It was always my intention to extend my network and implement some of the theories into practice while attending the MBA program. Therefore I hope to join the Network Board and pursue my passion.
Although my prior employment was primarily technology related, I was also responsible for communicating with other enterprises and arranging internships for recruits. I have worked with organizations such as Navitas, PGP, and Western Sydney University on placement programs, which I believe would be a good demonstration of experience to fit the position of director of partnerships.


Nishit Vyas

The Sydney MBA network has infinite potential to shape the world of business and emerging business leaders through engaging in events, conferences and activities. These programs require funding and efficient utilisation of these funds is paramount. As an associate treasurer, I intend to make efforts to raise funds through corporate sponsorships, event registrations and other donor support for the smooth conduct of these events. As a Chartered Accountant and a CFA charter-holder, I believe I have the requisite skills and academic trainings to perform these duties. I have some previous experience in similar positions while hosting sporting events back home. I thus wish to humbly submit my candidature for the post of an associate treasurer.


Yuxiang (Jerry) Zeng

As future business leaders, we need to continuously try and practice our potential leadership skills with a professional platform that aims to make an impact. Considering my pure vision that is to serve our community and at the meantime to learn from other potential leaders with talents that brings up values for our community, I believe SYDNEY MBA NETWORK is a good opportunity for me at this moment to practice some meaningful actions. Therefore, I hope to be one of the board members and contribute to the team.

Referring to some of my humble but most representing professional experiences in the past few years, I worked as a full-time M&A consultant for PwC Mainland China, and I was also a senior producer for the Boston University Television. These experiences truly facilitated me to be a very well-organized person who is willing to structure the thinking process with persuasive logic, to perform critical analysis in a way that fairly considers different point of view and diversified voices, and to solve problems with a particle results-oriented mindset. I am also a person that’s full of enthusiasm to build up and maintain a meaningful connection with people and I am perceptive about people and enjoy to develop solid and comfortable relationships with trust and mutual respect.

In a nutshell, I believe I am a qualified candidate with a good intention for this opportunity. I am expecting to create value for us with you all, let’s make it happen!


Nicole Graham

It’s been an incredible opportunity to join a world-class MBA program at the University of Sydney. A significant highlight to date has been the chance to meet a diverse community of people from around the world with whom I can share experiences, learn from and grow with. I think that this is probably the most beneficial part of the program and will be for the remainder of our lives. It is also the part of the program that is essentially up to us: our ability to draw on collective experiences, build networks and to share knowledge and ideas is dependent on us having lasting, meaningful relationships with one another, and we are the only ones who can make sure this happens. This is why I want to be part of the MBA Network; I think there is a lot of potential to further grow the Network into something that fosters community, helps us engage with the world around us and builds the prestige and presence of the program. Alumni is key to this and is the centre of the MBA experience.

Personally, I have 11 years of professional experience and have been able to develop leadership and professional capacity over a variety of different roles. I am happy to discuss my professional experience in more detail with those who are interested. More specifically, I am good at building networks and bringing people together around ideas and things that matter.

I would love the opportunity to help more of us know each other better and to be able to contribute to making this Network as powerful and dynamic as it can be. I pride myself on being committed and accessible and I look forward to getting to know more of you. Cheers.


Aarushi Aneja

Good communication is the key to success and serves as the backbone of any organisation. In terms of USyd Business school, I believe that there is a lot of potential to strengthen the communication lines for reaching a larger audience, more effectively.

I am Aarushi Aneja, full-time student, Cohort 5. Being a part of Comms team, I want to enhance the communication made by the Business school across all platforms and increase engagement.
We can streamline the current communication channels and increase/introduce others such as official pages for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Tik-tok.

It is also important to build stronger communication lines across EMBA, part-timers and alumni. Networking is our forte and we should continue to form bigger networks, both internally and externally.

We should be targeting to publicize the MBA as much as we could, because it is a unique Leadership MBA and no one out there is teaching what we are being taught. We are enjoying a diverse cultural experience as well and we got to tell the world!
As part of the Comms team, I aim to work closely with the Board, Engagement, Events and Partnerships as communication is the common chain across all departments. I will use my writing skills and creativity to put forth my best in this job and introduce a better version of of who we are, what we do and why we do what we do.


Bettina Greminger

The successful future of our MBA and also MBA network lies at the bottom of my heart. I am a full time C5 student with a wealth of practical work experience both within Australia and outside of the country. Connecting to and with people belongs to my core strengths. I am a strong communicator building lasting and trustworthy connections. My network in Australia is broad from big 4 to reputable tech companies. I feel at ease talking/engaging to all sorts of stakeholders be it senior managers of big and small corporates or NGO’s. Volunteering with NGO’s is very valuable to me. I am the right person to fill this role having lived in 7 cities on this planet (5 years in Australia) and bring a whole heap of value to the table through my organised, reliable and hands on persona/skill set but also through my active and broad skill set. Each and every student can benefit from my contribution. Let me be part of the partnership team and enrich the lives of our 45 cohort students.


Anmol Sharma

As a full-time MBA student, I feel entitled to contribute to the advancement of the UYSD business school. The Sydney MBA network is critical in establishing and maintaining a valuable network for UYSD MBA professionals. As a board member, I will participate in decision-making and do the actual work rather than simply observing from the sidelines.


Pablo Jose Vergara Contreras

I want to continue developing this talented group of people, and this type of organisation provides the perfect platform for us to achieve great things together. As an event associate director, I will be fully committed and motivated to organise various events for the MBA community.

We want to continue the existing activities, such as the monthly mixers and the MBA Ball, but we also want to do more. We already have an Unofficial Surfing Club, and we’d like to start a Soccer Team and a Badminton Club. We want to create and develop events with the university, businesses, and the government, not just leisure events. We have the opportunities, the leadership abilities, and the motivation. In addition, we intend to hold events in other cities in order to explore development opportunities outside of Sydney.

I am fully committed to making everyone a part of this community by providing activities for everyone. I will be open to suggestions and will work hard to make them a reality.