Aaron MacDonald – President

Aaron is a communications and media professional, with experience in strategy, production and advising across both the private and public sectors in South Australia and New South Wales. Aaron is part of cohort 15 in the part-time MBA.

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Shelley Owens – Vice-President

Shelley is a healthcare executive specialising in multi-disciplinary healthcare environments and clinical practice. She thrives on shaping strategic direction, utilising a problem-solving mindset, and growing commercial performance. Shelley’s key learning from the MBA program is a comprehensive understanding of the skills, frameworks, and processes required to transform business insights into transformative corporate solutions. Shelley is part of cohort four in the full-time MBA.

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Amer Hussein – Secretary

Amer is a values and people-driven Public Affairs and multi-disciplinary leader who operationalises strategies and supports organisations adapt and respond in a rapidly changing economy. He has nearly 15-years experience and a demonstrated history of working in the most contentious of environments, program and issues management, large infrastructure projects, government and stakeholder engagement, public policy, and advocacy across top-tier companies and government. 

Amer holds a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations) and post-graduate qualifications in Societal and Sustainability Transitions. He is currently part of cohort 15 in the part-time MBA.

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Sonia Heinrich – Director of Partnership

Originally from Adelaide, with time spent living in Norway, Melbourne and Sydney, Sonia has over 15 years of experience as a marketing and events professional. 

Experienced in developing partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, Sonia has delivered international and regional programs, events, and experiences across several industries. Sonia is passionate about the role of AI, sustainability and social impact in marketing strategy and its aggregate impact on helping businesses achieve their ambitions. Sonia is part of cohort 15 in the part-time MBA. 

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Umang Mittal – Director of IT

Umang is a Digital Transformation Technologist and Solution Architect with experience in web and CMS space. He has worked with many big corporates to enhance their web presence and digital strategies to market their products to customers. He has experience in Software Development, technical risk assessment and designing resilient web solutions for digital marketing. Umang is part of cohort 16 in the part-time MBA

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Tom Harrison – Director of Events

Tom is an intelligent leader with 15+ years international hospitality and retail experience, with a proven record of results within fast-paced, high volume environments. Tom offers a structured and people driven approach to strategic operational direction with a passion for enabling sustainable business growth over the long term. Tom has an honours degree in International Hospitality Management from his homeland in the UK and is part of Cohort 15 in the part-time MBA.

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Alex Barty – Director of Full-Time

Alex is an entrepreneurial professional with proven ability to commercialise breakthrough solutions in dynamic markets. He possesses a diverse skillset with extensive experiences in the emerging digital health industry, retail and winegrowing, in which he has co-founded two wine businesses, and actively advocates investment in brain capital and sustainability as tools for shared value creation for businesses and it’s community. As a current full-time MBA candidate, Alex aims to assist in the consolidation of access to the considerable competencies of the University, alumni and current cohorts to provide the best opportunities for personal and professional growth of each student.

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Craig Peters – Director of Alumni

Full Time MBA Candidate – Life of authentic leadership, facilitating, servicing talent, and building strategic potential. Building transformative team cohesion in distributed environments. Former BofA, HSBC, and DB Investment Banker – Derivatives Trading & Structured Finance – from Grad Trainee to Director & Principle, founder, and CEO Single Family Office. 

Interests in innovative, proximity transmission, and chain repositories, Picks & Shovel tag’ons-DEFi and Sports Tech -Moving congested, distressed, and innovative teams/ventures forward, and most importantly providing NFPs with attention normally beyond their reach.  Personal interest – I’m all business, with an overarching view of creating positive user experiences within an ESG paradigm.  

Abigail Watts – Director of Communications

Abbie is a proactive leader with more than 10 years of experience in communication roles, primarily in sales and marketing. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, Abbie joined the Sydney MBA to increase engagement and networking opportunities. She has worked in national and international B2B and B2C for large corporations. In her experience, Abbie has collaborated with a diverse group of people and believes that communications need to be tailored to every individual. Communication is not just having the ability to speak, it is having the ability to listen. Abbie wants to better understand the needs of the student body so that the MBA Network can truly enrich the graduate experience.  

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Jack Swain – Treasurer

With a degree in Finance & Leadership and years of experience in financial services, Jack sought his MBA as a means of expanding his managerial understanding while networking with passionate, driven, and authentic people. Previously, Jack has volunteered, overseas and regionally, to assist marginalised communities achieve financial independence. Jack is part of cohort four in the full-time MBA. 

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