About Sydney MBA Network

Sydney MBA Network is charged with building and sustaining a valued community to enrich the experience and excellence of the MBA and EMBA programs at the University of Sydney Business School.

About the Role

The role is responsible for leading the engagement committee consisting of Associate Directors of Full Time, Part Time and Alumni. The primary function will be to increase engagement of the entire University of Sydney MBA community, consisting of but not limited to: alumni, part-time, full-time, faculty, and affiliates. The director will work closely with all board members to create and implement networking activities and other events to drive MBA community engagement. 

Key Information

TitleDirector of Engagement
Reports ToPresident
Direct ReportsAssociate Director – Full Time; Associate Director – Part Time; Associate Director – Alumni
Role TypeVoluntary – volunteers will not be remunerated for their time
Length of AppointmentUp to 24 months
Time Commitment2 hours per week

Roles and Responsibilities

TaskDescription% of Role
Drive initiativesAbility to drive new initiatives that foster purposeful community wide engagement.Come up with new initiatives and achieve board buy in and approval.Collaborate with advisory board and wider board members on different sub-committees.60
Innovation mindsetAbility to think laterally and solve problems as they arise.Understanding capability limitations and realistic timeframes for delivery.10
LeadershipCollaborative team leadership skills – working with the board, engagement sub committee and other stakeholders to work to ensure the team delivers on goals.10
Performance measurementMeasure performance of driving engagement and new project delivery.Input into board vote issues – including voicing opinion, understanding and making suggestions where appropriate.10
Functional service deliveryAttend all monthly board meetings and present updates as required throughout their tenure.10

Key Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Experience in developing and executing organisational strategy
  • Proven skills in project and/ or relationship management
  • Current student within either the MBA or EMBA programs at the University of Sydney
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Advisory skills
  • Resources management

Desirable Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • A person who looks to get consensus on desired goals and there subsequent delivery
  • Can be from Fulltime, part-time MBA, EMBA or an alumnus of any of these programs
  • Good time management 
  • Reliable
  • Somebody not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches when required
  • Previous experience in student council or equivalent would be an advantage