Sydney MBA Network – Board General Elections

As the year progresses, the Directors of the Sydney MBA Network are working hard to bring this year to an end, with a number initiatives and events still to be held – most notably,  the Annual MBA Ball at the iconic Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art on the 25th of November, 2023.

We invite current Part-time and Full-time MBA and EMBA candidates, as well as Alumni to register their interest to join a refreshed set of positions on the Board of Directors, as well as new operational and advisory positions.

This year’s General Election will be in an online format. Current MBA and EMBA candidates will vote via Sydney University email address. Key dates outlining the process are below:

Date Event
26 September 2023 Applications for all positions open and are available on Sydney MBA Network website
2 October 2023 Info session (Zoom) 7pm
11 October 2023 Applications for positions close
16 October 2023 Applicants profiles are posted on the Sydney MBA Network website under positions they have registered an interest for, and online voting commences
23 October 2023 All voting closes and results are finalised
27 October 2023 Results are declared and positions are announced 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What positions are available to lodge an application?

All positions are open for applications as part of the 2023 General Election. The positions are:

Board Positions Associate Director Positions  
President   Apply now
Secretary Associate Secretary Apply now
Treasurer Associate Treasurer Apply now
Engagement Associate Director – Full Time, Associate Director – Part-Time Apply now
Communications Associate Director – Communications, Associate Director – IT Apply now
Events Associate Director – Events (x2) Apply now
Partnerships Associate Director – Partnerships Apply now
Alumni N/A Apply now
  1. What questions are asked as part of the application process?

There are seven questions that will need to be answered to support candidates’ application. All questions must be answered in order to lodge a complying application.

Application Questions

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Which roles are you nominating for? (Please include a minimum of one position)
    • Nomination 1
    • Nomination 2
    • Nomination 3
  • Full Time / Part Time Candidate
  • Cohort Number
  • In 250 words or less, please advise why you would like to join the Sydney MBA Network Board?
  • Please provide the link to your LinkedIn profile 
  1. How do I submit an application?

We ask all interested parties to read through available information carefully and register your interest for a minimum of one position, and no more than three positions for election. All questions in the application must be filled out to be considered a valid application.

  1. How will candidates be considered eligible?

All applicants must be full-time or part-time MBA or EMBA candidates, enrolled in 2024 program, or expect to graduate in late 2024.

  1. When will voting take place?

Voting will take place via the Sydney MBA Network website between 16-23 October 2023. 

  1. How can I vote and how will all positions be filled?

All currently enrolled MBA and EMBA candidates may cast one (1) vote for each position. Voting will only be accepted by a valid Sydney University email address. 

Candidates with the greatest number of votes for their applied position (in order of preference) will be appointed to the position.

  1. Will candidates be appointed to more than one position if they receive the most number of votes for 2 or more positions?

Candidates will only be appointed to one position, based on their preferred position. Only on a case by case basis will a director occupy more than one position. This will be determined by the incoming and outgoing Presidents and Secretaries.

  1. Where can I find more information about each role?

Position descriptions on each role can be found on our website

Board Positions  
President Know More
Secretary Know More
Treasurer Know More
Director of Engagement Know More
Director of Communications Know More
Director of Events Know More
Director of Partnerships Know More
Director of Alumni Know More
Associate Director of IT Know More
  1. What happens when positions are declared?

Candidates who have successfully been voted to positions will be advised on 27 October 2023. An announcement will be made at the October Monthly Mixer Event . 

Incoming directors and associate directors will be asked to join meetings and support the remaining 2023 activities as part of respective Director handovers. 

  1. Who do I contact to find out more?

To find out more, and to ask any questions, please contact the Secretary at